Top 5 Ways to Get Your Home Market Ready

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To sell your house as quick as possible for the most money possible follow these agent tested recommendations:

        • Paint, Paint and Paint.  A fresh Coat of paint can deliver up to 700% return on the cost of paint.
        • Carpet.  Most people have their carpets cleaned, but the best bang for your buck is to have new carpet installed.  Expensive? Not as much as you think.  Your Realtor will probably know a carpet company that can replace your carpet for less than the big box store.
        • Remove dated wallpaper.  Nothing kills a deal quicker than dated wallpaper.  I suggest removing it and then painting. 
        • Maintain.  Now is the time to look at your house with a buyer's eye.  That torn screen that needs fixing, that leaning mailbox needs repair; you get the idea.
        • Smells.  Oh, this can be the kiss of death for a house!  Ask someone you know who loves you (and can be brutally honest), to come in your house and give it the smell test.  If your Realtor mentions the smell, don't be offended, they are trying to help you sell the house.