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How to have a MOVE-IN Ready home!

In our market, homes that are move-in ready are selling in less than 3 days!  How do sellers get their home to that point?  Here is the checklist that I give my sellers to work on to get their home in market-ready condition.

Carolyn’s Checklist to Get Your Home Ready to Sell:

Replace, repair, and/or paint any damaged:
o Wood Siding
o Trim
o Rain Gutters
o Shutters
o Doors
o Window Frames
o Screens
o Hardware
o Fences/Gates
o Outdoor Lighting
o Make Sure doorbell and knocker work
o Street numbers on the house

o Siding
o Windows
o Screens
o Outdoor BBQ
o A/C Unit
o Pool/Spa
o Clean around trash cans
o Haul away rubbish
o Outdoor lighting

o Mow/Edge lawn regularly
o Aerate/Feed Lawn
o Overseed bare spots in the lawn
o Water lawn regularly
o Remove/Replace dead plants
o Prune overgrown/diseased/damaged shrubs
o Prune or remove shrubs/trees blocking window view
o Keep Flower beds free of weeds
o Trim around base of walls and fences
o Replace any broken stepping stones
o Adjust sprinkler system
o Consider installing fences or shrubs to hide any unsightly views


o Clean especially around:
o Doors
o Windows
o Light Switches
o Baseboards
o Chair Rails
o Wash Lace Curtains and have draperies cleaned
o Remove or pull back dark curtains
o Lubricate doors or window slides if necessary
o Clean ceiling light fixtures
o Check for cobwebs in all corners
o Fix any scratches in wooden floors
o Replace worn/broken flooring
o Remove or replace worn carpet
o Empty wastebaskets
o Make up the beds
o Fluff the pillows

o Keep dishes and food out of sight
o Clean appliances
o Clean range hood, including light bulbs
o Keep the floor clean
o Clean light fixtures
o Make sure all electrical outlets work
o Eliminate cooking odors
o Deodorize garbage disposal, dishwasher, and refrigerator
o Repair faucets if necessary

o Shine Mirrors
o Keep Sinks and Countertops spotlessly clean
o Keep Wastebaskets empty
o Keep fresh, clean towels on towel racks
o Clean shower door and track
o Remove soap residue, mildew, and mold from sink/tub/shower
o Remove stains from porcelain sink/tub/toilet
o Replace shower curtain
o Clean tile grout

o Make sure toilet flushes properly
o Clean exhaust fan

o Keep closets clean and free of clutter
o Throw out or pack away non-essentials

o Keep Dirty clothes out of sight
o Keep Supplies out of sight
o Eliminate any mildew odors

o Keep area clean/uncluttered
o Hang up or put away tools
o Clear cobwebs
o Adjust tension rod to eliminate sag from overhead garage door
o Lubricate/adjust/repair garage door opener
o Paint if needed

Now, I do not go behind my sellers to see how they are doing with their checklist, it is strictly for their own benefit.  The more they do, the faster their home will sell and get the highest dollar value for the home as well.